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Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - YBS
Type: Regulation
Federal Register Document Type: ANPRM
ANPRM is issued that will request public comment on ways for FCA to improved the collection, evaluation, and reporting of FCS data regarding Farm Credit System's mission to provide credit and services to young beginning and small farmers, ranchers, and producers of harvesters of aquatic products.

FCA has received comment letters about this item. The letters may be sorted by Date Received, by Sender or by Organization. Click on a comment letter to open it.

Date ReceivedSenderOrganization
05/22/2019 David Lane Yankee Farm Credit
05/22/2019 Darrell Curtis AgChoice Farm Credit
05/22/2019 Wayne A. Midcap Premier Farm Credit
05/22/2019 Keith Lane Farm Credit Mid-America
05/22/2019 Bill Perry Northwest Farm Credit Services
05/22/2019 Leah B. Hollified Arbor One, ACA
05/22/2019 Byron Enix American AgCredit
05/22/2019 John Carl Sanders and Douglas Thiessen Alabama Ag Credit
05/22/2019 Kaye Compart Compeer Financial
05/22/2019 Ed Elfmann American Bankers Association
05/22/2019 Erin Foster West National Young Farmers Coalition
05/22/2019 Ricky Bitner Farm Credit of Northwest Florida
05/22/2019 Mark Scanlan Independent Community Bankers of America
05/22/2019 Lori Graham Texas Farm Credit Services
05/22/2019 Charles Dana Farm Credit Council
05/22/2019 Mark D. Littlefield Farm Credit West
05/22/2019 Robert Heuer Not Specified
05/21/2019 Juli Obudzinski, Interim Policy Director National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
05/21/2019 Curtis R. Hancock, Jr., and Leon T. Amerson AgFirst Farm Credit Bank
05/21/2019 Alena Gfeller Farm Credit East
05/21/2019 Leonard Van Elderen President and CEO
05/21/2019 Peery Heldreth Farm Credit of the Virginias
05/21/2019 Jennifer N. Thompson Capital Farm Credit
05/21/2019 James Jones AgriBank Farm Credit Bank
05/21/2019 Dave Stephens CoBank, ACB
05/21/2019 Brian J. Ricker AgCredit, ACA