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​FCA bookletters 

Bookletters are documents that communicate the agency’s position on specific issues. This database contains all the FCA bookletters that are currently in effect. To print them all out at once, go to the FCA handbook for a printer-friendly file.

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Disclosure of Financial Forecasts
Farm Credit Bank and Association Appointed Directors
Farmers Home Administration (FmHA) Guaranteed Loans -- Capitalization of Interest
Farm Credit Investment Bonds
Government Seizure of Property Used in Connection with Controlled Substances
Disclosure of Farm Credit Administration Reports of Regular Examination to Small Business Administration with Application for Approved Lender Status
Leasing Authority of Farm Credit Banks and Agricultural Credit Banks Operating Under Title I, and Direct Lender Associations
Guidelines for Utilizing Derivative Products
Loan Participation Requirements
Voluntary Advance Conditional Payment Accounts
Farm Credit Administration's Approval Requirements for the Global Debt Program
Lending Policies and Loan Underwriting Standards Regulations
Guidance Relating to Investment Activities
Providing sound and constructive credit to young, beginning, and small farmers, ranchers, and producers or harvesters of aquatic products
Guidance on Farm Credit Bank and Association Nominating Committees
Adequacy of Farm Credit System institutions’ allowance for credit losses for financial assets measured at amortized cost
Maximum Director Compensation for 2006
Tobacco Buyout Lending and Investment Opportunities
Revised Regulatory Capital Treatment for Certain Electric Cooperatives Assets
Effect of FAS 158 on Regulatory Capital
Floor Nomination Procedures for System Associations and Banks
Distribution of Director Candidate Information
Financing Agricultural Land in Transition (in the Path of Development) -- Eligibility and Scope of Financing Considerations
Determining Eligibility and Scope of Financing for Limited Liability Companies
Compensation Committees
Rural Housing Mortgage-Backed Securities
Evaluating Strategies and Risks for Loan Pricing and Structure
Farm Credit System Bank Merger Applications
Farm Credit System investment asset management
Farm Credit System Investment Asset Management
Establishment and Implementation of a Shared-Asset Identifier
Providing Credit to Farmers and Ranchers Operating in Local/Regional Food Systems
Lending to Similar Entities
Tier 1/Tier 2 Capital Framework Guidance
Strengthening Lending and Loan Servicing Controls
Revised capital treatment for certain rural water and wastewater facility exposures (Revised bookletter 070)
Revised Capital Treatment for Certain Water and Wastewater Exposures
Bookletter Interest Rate Risk Management Guidance for Farmer Mac
Interest Rate Risk Management
Criminal referral guidance
Sound governance of wholesale funding and related processes