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YBS Proposed Rule 2022
Type: Regulation
Federal Register Document Type: Proposed
This rulemaking would require an annual, independent YBS strategic plan as part of the YBS program required by section 4.19 of the Farm Credit Act. The rule would set out minimum requirements of the plan.

FCA has received comment letters about this item. The letters may be sorted by Date Received, by Sender or by Organization. Click on a comment letter to open it.

Date ReceivedSenderOrganization
08/18/2022 Kay Lynn McLaughlin, Chief Executive Officer Plains Land Bank, FLCA
08/16/2022 Catherine Fanucchi, Director/Board Member Farm Credit West
08/16/2022 Kenny Bergmann, Chairman and David Janish, CEO FCS Financial, ACA
08/15/2022 Ted Andrew, Director/Board Member Western AgCredit
08/15/2022 Randy Wilson, President / CEO Farm Credit of Western Kansas
08/15/2022 Craig Gnos, Director Farm Credit West, ACA
08/15/2022 Mark Scanlan, Sr. V.P., Agriculture & Rural Policy The Independent Community Bankers of America
08/15/2022 John Burk, Chief Lending Officer Oklahoma AgCredit
08/15/2022 Doug Filipponi, Board Chair Farm Credit West
08/15/2022 Jeffrey M. Williams, VP General Counsel Southern AgCredit
08/15/2022 David Haase, Board Chair Farm Credit Illinois
08/15/2022 Mark Jensen, President and CEO Frontier ACA
08/15/2022 Ginger Langemeier, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Farm Credit Services of America
08/15/2022 Hugh F. Ables, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Pat Calhoun, Chief Executive Officer AgSouth Farm Credit, ACA
08/15/2022 Matt Ginder, Chief Core Markets Officer Compeer Financial
08/15/2022 Aaron Vetter, Chief Executive Officer Farm Credit Services of Mandan, ACA
08/15/2022 Marcus L. Knisely, President & CEO AgCountry Farm Credit Services
08/15/2022 A. Kevin Monahan, Chairman of the Board and Paul B. Franklin, Sr. President & CEO Colonial Farm Credit
08/15/2022 Robert H. Rhode, Executive Vice President & General Counsel Farm Credit Illinois
08/15/2022 Daniel Wagner, President and Chief Executive Officer Farm Credit Mid-America
08/15/2022 Nancy Sill, Board Chair and Tracy V. Sparks, President/CEO Yosemite Farm Credit, ACA
08/15/2022 Mike Fry, Chairman of the Board and Rob Faris, President and CEO Golden State Farm Credit, ACA
08/15/2022 Jonathan T. Noe, President and Chief Executive Officer Central Kentucky Ag Credit
08/15/2022 Mark D. Littlefield, President/CEO and Douglas C. Filipponi, Board Chair Farm Credit West
08/15/2022 Stephanie Hopper, Board Member Farm Credit Mid-America
08/15/2022 Colin Mellon, Director Farm Credit West
08/15/2022 James R. (Rob) Crain, Chief Executive Officer AgGeorgia Farm Credit
08/15/2022 Mark A. Miller, Chief Executive Officer Texas Farm Credit Services
08/15/2022 Robert Hansen, Director Farm Credit West
08/15/2022 Bart Harris, President & CEO Mississippi Land Bank
08/15/2022 Avery Robertson, YBS Specialist; Adam Jensen, Executive Vice President & CCO, and Marc Fonnesbeck, President/CEO Idaho AgCredit
08/15/2022 Boyd J. Chambers, Chief Executive Officer Central Texas Farm Credit
08/15/2022 Robby A. Halfmann, Chairman of the Board of Directors Board of Directors of Central Texas Farm Credit
08/15/2022 David W. Corum, President and CEO AgCarolina Farm Credit, ACA
08/15/2022 Edwin Elfmann, Senior Vice President American Bankers Association
08/15/2022 Douglas Thiessen, President/CEO and Larry H Gibson, Board Chairman Alabama Ag Credit
08/14/2022 Teresa Castanias, CPA, Director Farm Credit West, ACA
08/13/2022 Robert Amarel Jr., Director Farm Credit West
08/12/2022 William DuPree Atkinson, Chairman of Board & Bryant Sansbury, CEO/President ArborOne, ACA
08/12/2022 Mel Koller, President and CEO Alabama Farm Credit, ACA
08/12/2022 Kyle M. Yancey, President/CEO River Valley AgCredit
08/12/2022 Thomas H. Truitt, JR., President and CEO Horizon Farm Credit
08/12/2022 Joe Hayman, Chief Executive Officer Lone Star Ag Credit
08/12/2022 Michael T. “Bo” Stone, Chairman of the Board Directors and Leon T. Amerson, Chief Executive Officer & President AgFirst Farm Credit Bank
08/12/2022 W. Eric Hopkins, Chairman, Board of Directors and Marcus A. Boone, President & Chief Executive Officer Farm Credit of Florida, ACA
08/12/2022 Vance C. Dalton, Jr., President & CEO Carolina Farm Credit
08/12/2022 Thomas W. Cosgrove, Executive Vice President Farm Credit East, ACA
08/12/2022 Barbara Kay Stille, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel AgriBank, FCB
08/12/2022 James F, Martin, III, Thomas H. Nelson, and Thomas A. Parker (Board of Directors); John W. Barnard, CEO and Sells J. Newman, VP of Legislative Affairs First South Farm Credit
08/12/2022 Travis D. Jones, President/CEO GreenStone Farm Credit Services
08/12/2022 Tom Halverson, President and Chief Executive Officer CoBank, ACB
08/12/2022 Reginald Holt, President & CEO Farm Credit of Central Florida, ACA
08/12/2022 John R. Gregory, President/CEO Farm Credit of Northwest Florida
08/11/2022 Kayla Robinson, Chief Operating Officer AgTexas Farm Credit Services
08/11/2022 Brian J. Ricker, President and CEO AgCredit, ACA
08/10/2022 Curt Hudnutt, President & CEO American AgCredit
08/10/2022 Nanci Tucker, SVP Corporate Affairs & General Counsel Farm Credit Bank of Texas
08/10/2022 Brad Cornelius, Chief Executive Officer Farm Credit of the Virginias
08/10/2022 Bill Perry, Executive Vice President - Lending and Insurance Northwest Farm Credit Services
08/09/2022 Rebecca K.W. Lenz, Chair of the Board and Michael Grauberger, President and Chief Executive Officer Premier Farm Credit
08/08/2022 Wayne A. Smith, Chairman of the Board & David G. Brown, President/CEO Western AgCredit
08/08/2022 James Duffey, Chairman of the Board and Alan Feit, President and CEO Farm Credit of New Mexico
08/08/2022 Todd Van Hoose, President and Chief Executive Officer Farm Credit Council
08/03/2022 Richard J. Baier, President & CEO Nebraska Bankers Association
08/02/2022 Klynt Heaton, Director Western AgCredit
07/28/2022 Ken Black, Chairman of the Board Idaho AgCredit, ACA
07/15/2022 J. Harp Private Citizen
06/23/2022 Robert Paul Boone, III, Senior Vice President & General Counsel Farm Credit Council