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Investment Eligibility Amendments Proposed rule
Type: Regulation
Federal Register Document Type: Proposed
Proposed Amendments to 615.5140 (b)

FCA has received comment letters about this item. The letters may be sorted by Date Received, by Sender or by Organization. Click on a comment letter to open it.

Date ReceivedSenderOrganization
11/22/2019 Christopher R. Soupal Crestmark
11/20/2019 Jordan M. Blanchard Live Oak Bank
11/19/2019 A. Riddick Skinner West Town Bank & Trust
11/19/2019 Todd S. Hubbell Greater Commercial Lending
11/19/2019 Boyd J. Chambers Central Texas Farm Credit
11/18/2019 Paul C. Goodpaster The Citizens Bank
11/18/2019 M. Mashenka Lundberg CoBank, ACB
11/18/2019 Barbara Kay Stille AgriBank Farm Credit Bank
11/18/2019 Tom Nakano Northwest Farm Credit Services
11/18/2019 Jon D. Schmaderer The Tri-County Bank
11/18/2019 Mark Scanlan ICBA
11/18/2019 Shawn W. Dutton First Security Bank of Roundup
11/18/2019 Scott Tewksbury Heartland State Bank
11/15/2019 Charles Dana Farm Credit Council
11/15/2019 Paul B. Kohls Compeer Financial
11/15/2019 Brian J. Ricker AgCredit Farm Credit
11/15/2019 Tracy V. Sparks Yosemite Farm Credit
11/15/2019 David B. Armstrong GreenStone Farm Credit Services
11/15/2019 Larry Winum Glenwwod State Bank
11/15/2019 Jeff Gruetzmacher Royal Bank
11/15/2019 Michael R. Martin Western Bank
11/15/2019 V.J. "Gus" Barker First Community Bank
11/12/2019 John L. Ay First Community Bank Milton
11/07/2019 J.P. Bennett Signature Bank
11/06/2019 Jerry Spruill AgTexas Farm Credit Services
11/06/2019 Joseph Rowell North Avenue Capital
11/06/2019 Thomas S. Abraham Byline Bank
11/06/2019 Trae E. Dorough Touchmark National Bank
11/06/2019 Nasrullah Khan Wallisbank
11/06/2019 Kathryn Walker Veritex Community Bank
11/06/2019 Patrick Howard T Bank
11/06/2019 William R. Stump Jr. Community Bank & Trust
11/01/2019 Thomas Kimsey National Rural Lenders' Roundtable
09/25/2019 Kevin Turner Not Specified