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Margin and Capital Requirements for Covered Swap Entities Proposed Rule (LIBOR Amendments)
Type: Regulation
Federal Register Document Type: Proposed
Would amend the regulation governing Margin and Capital Requirements for Covered Swap Entities to clairify that certain non-cleared swaps would retain their legacy status if they are amended solely to substitute another reference rate for LIBOR as it is phased out and to address other issues.

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Date ReceivedSenderOrganization
03/24/2020 BlackRock BlackRock
03/11/2020 Better Markets Better Markets
02/13/2020 Simon Winn Alternative Reference Rates Committee
01/23/2020 Yvette D. Valdez Latham & Watkins, LLP
01/06/2020 Dennis M. Kelleher Better Markets, Inc.
12/09/2019 Priya Bindra ARRC
12/09/2019 ABA, BPI Center for Capital Markets, Financial Services Fourm, IIB, SIFMA BPI Center for Capital Markets, Financial Services Fourm, IIB, SIFMA
12/09/2019 Tara Kruse ISDA
12/09/2019 Joseph J. Barry State Street
12/09/2019 James Kemp GFMA
12/09/2019 Samara Cohen, Richard Ostrander, Samantha DeZur BlackRock
12/09/2019 Tim Cameron and Jason Silverstein SIFMA and ACLI
12/09/2019 Kristi Leo Structured Finance Association
12/09/2019 James M. Cain and Raymond A. Ramirez Eversheds Sutherland, LLP
12/09/2019 Eliott MacDonald Not Specified
12/07/2019 Jennifer W. Han Managed Funds Association
12/04/2019 ARRC Meeting Notes from 12/4/2019
12/04/2019 Greg Gelzinis - Marcus Stanley - Bart Naylor Center for American Progress - Americans for Financial Reform - Financial Policy Advocate
11/18/2019 Meeting with SIFMA AMG Meeting minutes